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"Every wedding is Unique as is every Couple."

shanna 11.jpg

James Michael whispering encouragement to his beautiful bride Shanna at Inchyra.

Unforgettable Memories

When you can't take your fur baby to your elopement but you can take  a cardboard cut out of him ! Glencoe Lochan 2021

Lewis the page boy helping the flower girls and doing a fab job!

Finlay the gorgeous pageboy!

Kingshouse Hotel, Glencoe May 2021

The perfect way to spend the last day of 2021 at Glencoe Lochan. Special day. 

The absolutely adorable flower girls and pageboys. I so love my job! May 2021

Beautiful wedding at Caig Falls, Achnacarry in the pouring rain. 

1st picture during wedding 2nd on afyter. 

Well worth getting soaked to skin for. Lots of laughter and joy shared. 



Woodland wedding in  a hidden location. Simply stunning. 2018

Such a happy emotional day. A privilidge. 2019 Castle Touram, Dorlin. 

My home village and a fabulous day from start to finish Mr and Mrs Cameron. 2019. 

Meet Mr and Mrs MacDonald-Kennedy. Def the most hilarious wedding cermony I have done. A fabulous day. 2019

Top of the study in glencoe Mr and Mrs Aldo Kane and granny was up there as well sitting in a wooden throne  and carried up also. Incredible


Picture directly below a week later at their English wedding in Yorkshire. Amazing day. 

Literally thunder storms lightning, monsoon and hurricane all at the one time and we had to run for cover in Glen Etive. Didn't stop this pair stopping in  peat bog and carrying on with the wedding. 2019

Canada meets Fort William/Uist. Mr and Mrs MacDonald. Pictures courtesy of  @Gavin MacQueen photography. 

Glencoe Lochan elopement  when brides veil gets stuck on bushes and you trying to stay socially distanced yet help. Beautiful day. May 2021

Website under construction so bear with me and I will get it all written up between weddings

Thank you for your patience. All links work so don't hesitate to contact  if I can help in any  way Aly x

Am I enjoying my job to much?  On  a windy hill in Skye for a fabulous elopement.   Picture courtesy of Lynne  Kennedy Photography. 2018

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